UPDATE: Aggressive driver causes serious accident

UPDATE: Aggressive driver causes serious accident

Driver’s car ends up in Duck Lake and he has to climb out of sunroof, escaping serious injury

Update: 6:10

RCMP say it was an aggressive driver that caused a two vehicle accident near Duck Lake this afternoon, leaving one vehicle submerged in Duck Lake.

Police on the scene told the Capital News that one vehicle was driving aggressively and clipped another, sending the aggressive vehicle twenty feet down an embankment and into the lake.

Police say the driver climbed out of his vehicle through the sun-roof.

Earlier reports from the scene stated that the driver was able to get to shore and police say he was not seriously injured, however has been sent to Kelowna General Hospital.

Traffic heading north on Highway 97 is down to single vehicle. Clean-up crews are heading to the scene of the accident to clean up fluids that spilled onto the road and into Duck Lake.

The car also remains still in the lake.

Update: 5:51 p.m.

An ambulance has left the scene, rushing back towards Kelowna, from the site of a serious accident near Duck Lake.

Reports from the scene say one car is in Duck Lake and the driver was able to get to shore, after a two-vehicle accident.

Emergency crews remain on the scene and are now calling a boom to the area as the vehicle is leaking fluid.

The status of the second car is unknown and any injuries sustained are also unknown.

We have sent a reporter to the scene and will continue to update this situation.


There are reports of a serious accident between Kelowna and Lake Country.

Emergency crews were called the scene of a two vehicle collision on Highway 97 near Duck Lake.

First reports said two vehicles were involved, one had gone over the bank.

Several Kelowna Fire Department engines were called to the scene as were RCMP.

The Capital News has sent a reporter to the scene to try and get updates as well.

Traffic is at a crawl along Highway 97 heading north.

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UPDATE: Aggressive driver causes serious accident