The setback dike created on Mission Creek helped with flooding in the spring.—Image credit: Jan Vozenilek

The setback dike created on Mission Creek helped with flooding in the spring.—Image credit: Jan Vozenilek

Repair work for Kelowna’s Mission Creek

Mission Creek Restoration Initiative to start repairs next week

As predicted, the higher-than-normal spring runoff in Mission Creek that caused flooding in May and June also damaged work done in recent years by the Mission Creek Restoration Initiative project.

MCRI coordinator Steve Matthews said Thursday repair work needs to be done to the floodplain, as well as fish habitat restoration that was completed in 2016. But he said the The Mission Creek Greenway dike on the south side of the creek between Casorso Road and Gordon Drive will remain open while the work is undertaken next week and again in October.

“Phase 1 was designed and built recognizing there would be ongoing changes to the restoration components resulting from high freshet flows,” said Matthews. “As a result, plans to adaptively manage the site over time in response to these changes were developed prior to project implementation. These upcoming works will involve minor adjustments to ensure the long-term health and productivity of the creek.”

Work crews and heavy equipment will be on site from early next week. Greenway users are being asked to avoid the work area, watch for construction crews and equipment, and respect signs to ensure the safety of all workers and the public.

Phase-1 project engineer Don Dobson said while the restoration work generally performed as designed during the flooding, the well-above-average runoff did cause some changes that now need attention.

“We’ll go in to maintain the floodplain and to modify three of the four “meander notches” that were built to provide fish spawning and rearing habitat for kokanee and rainbow trout,” he said. “To that end, we’ll rebuild and reinforce berms along the old dike footprint to minimize erosion and prevent overflow into the side channel.”

All the repair activities will be undertaken as outlined in the project’s adaptive management plan, and according to the requirements specified in all applicable legislation.