RCMP brass not in favour of altering uniform

Officers have removed yellow stripe as a protest symbol in wage dispute

RCMP brass not in favour of altering uniform

RCMP management does not endorse its members altering its uniform in a pay dispute.

Officers across the country – including some at the Vernon-North Okanagan detachment – have chosen not to wear the yellow stripe on their uniform pants as a symbol of protest over wage disparities with municipal police forces.

“We are aware that some members of the RCMP are altering their uniforms to draw attention to their concerns.

“RCMP management can understand our members’ concerns, however we do not endorse this action,” said Sgt. Harold Pfleiderer, a media relations officer with the RCMP’s national communication service in Ottawa.

Members have not been disciplined for covering up, removing or changing the colour of the stripe on their pants.

A conduct process, said Pfleiderer, will not be initiated unless some other modification to their uniform has been made which raises an officer or public safety concern.

A member with their yellow stripes either removed or obscured will be allowed to continue working.

“We will take a measured approach to this situation, making sure that service to the community and the safety of our members and the public remain our first priorities,” said Pfleiderer.