Park going to the dogs

Polson Park being opened up to man’s best friend

Park going to the dogs

The gates are opening up to dogs in Polson Park.

The Vernon park could allow on-leash dogs as soon as October, if the two dog waste receptacles, five bag areas and signs can be installed in time. Adversely, it could open at the end of the year depending on staff resources.

But the new rule is also opening up concerns for what dogs tend to leave behind.

“I wouldn’t want to see dogs there because people are going to leave things behind,” said Coun. Dalvir Nahal, who questioned whether a fenced off area could be created for the dogs.

Meanwhile the public is being urged to self-police.

“If you see somebody that’s not cleaning up after their dog, point it out to them,” said Coun. Scott Anderson.

Allowing dogs in the park is a two-year trial and will cost upwards of $28,000. It includes a drinking fountain for both dogs and people (which would be installed in the spring).

It is park of a greater initiative to make the park feel safer. The city is also investing $32,000 for vegetation removal and improvements to the trail and boardwalk areas in the southern portion of Polson Park. Additional funds could be spent annually on maintenance of that same area.