Okanagan firm gets Army subcontract

Reidco Metal Industries Ltd., of Kelowna, has been awarded a $1.73-million subcontract for the Canadian Army.

Reidco Metal Industries Ltd., of Kelowna, has been awarded a $1.73-million subcontract to upgrade a fleet of Light Armoured Vehicles III for the Canadian Army.

General Dynamics Land Systems—Canada awarded the contract to Reidco in support of new and improved vehicles in the Light Armoured Vehicle III Upgrade Project.

Reidco will be providing brackets and other metal fabrications and machined components to General Dynamics to be used in the construction of the newly designed Light Armoured Vehicle III hull.

Reidco Metal Industries Ltd. has been working with General Dynamics for more than 15 years, supplying production components on the original Light Armoured Vehicle  armoured personnel carrier build of 650 vehicles.

“Canadian soldiers need the best tools for the job and deserve the best vehicle we can give them,” said Danny Deep, vice-president of General Dynamics Land Systems—Canada. “The LAV III Upgrade Project will enhance the LAV III fleet’s survivability, operational capability and long-term performance. With our Canadian design and manufacturing base and over 500 suppliers located in every province of Canada, we are proud to say that the best armoured vehicles in the world are made in Canada.”

Ron Cannan, Kelowna Lake Country MP, announced the subcontract last Friday on behalf of Bernard Valcourt, Associate Minister of National Defence.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates our continued support of our brave men and women in uniform and skilled Canadian workers—including right here in Kelowna,” Cannan said.

“Our investments will provide our troops with the modern equipment they need to conduct their missions safely and effectively for many decades to come.”

Minister Valcourt said in a statement: “Our investments in renewing the Canadian Armed Forces’ capabilities on land, sea and air are building a first-class, modern military that is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century—while supporting Canadian workers across the country,”.

The Light Armoured Vehicle III Upgrade Project, one of four Family of Land Combat Vehicle projects announced by the federal government, will capitalize on existing and evolving technology to improve the protection, mobility and lethality of the Light Armoured Vehicle III fleet.

The project will modernize a portion of the existing fleet to ensure it remains a highly protected, operationally mobile and tactically agile combat vehicle that will remain the backbone of domestic and expeditionary task forces, extending the life span of the fleet to 2035.

This subcontract is a result of the federal goverment’s  $1.064-billion contract award to General Dynamics in October 2011 for the delivery of 550 upgraded Light Armoured Vehicles and is a prime example of the high quality work Canadian industry is carrying out as a result of the federal government’s Industrial and Regional Benefits policy. The government’s agreement with General Dynamics commits the company to re-invest 100 per cent of the contract value in business activities in the Canadian economy, further expanding the economic benefits of this procurement in regions across the country.

“Our government is leveraging large-scale investments and positioning Canadian industry to take advantage of not only current but emerging value chains,” Christian Paradis, Canada’s Minister of Industry, said in the press release.

“The Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy provides Canadian companies with access to lucrative business opportunities, ensuring that 100 per cent of contracts result in direct and indirect business activity in Canada.”


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