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District of Lake Country

New Lake Country fire hall heads to referendum

The borrowing for a new fire hall is heading to referendum in October

After a similar referendum was previously defeated in 2008, Lake Country council is sending a proposal to borrow up to $6.6 million to fund the building of a new fire hall to replace Station 71 and Fire Administration in Winfield to a referendum, according to the district in a news release.

Approval of the electorate is required through assent voting which will be held Oct. 20. The approval of electors is necessary because the loan that would enable construction would be paid back over a period of more than five years, the district said in a news release.

“It is critical for all residents to come out to vote, to ensure they have their say in shaping our community’s future,” said Mayor James Baker. “The Lake Country Fire Department protects the community by responding to fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, ice and marine rescues, in addition to fire safety public education in the schools and at events for the whole community. A new purpose-built fire hall will support the safety of the whole community as it continues to grow.”

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The question approved by council for the referendum is: Are you in favour of the District of Lake Country enacting Loan Authorization (Fire Hall) Bylaw 1062, 2018 to authorize the borrowing of up to $6,6 million to fund the construction of a new Fire Hall?

Referendum and General Election voting will be held the following dates and locations:

Wednesday, Oct. 10 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) at Municipal Hall – 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road

Monday, Oct. 15 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) at Municipal Hall – 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road

Saturday, Oct. 20, (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) at GESS Community Gym – 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Road

“The timing of this Loan Authorization Bylaw is such that elector assent by referendum can be combined with the October 20th General Election, allowing for greater voter participation at a minimal additional cost,” said Chief Election Officer Willene Perez. “The referendum process will be open to all qualified electors in the District of Lake Country. The referendum question will be on the ballot in addition to the elections for Mayor, Councillor at Large, Ward Councillor and School Trustee. So even if there are candidate acclamations in any of the Wards, it is still important for electors from all Wards to come out and have a say in the referendum by casting their vote.”

In 2007 the District had an architect study options for replacing LCFD Station 71 (Winfield). The information gathered through this study led to the identification of the preferred site (Okanagan Centre Road East and Jardines Road). This site was purchased in 2008. For more information about the Fire Hall project, visit www.lakecountry.bc.ca/firehallreferendum.


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