Name the soon to be Old Highway 97

Enter the contest to name the portion of Highway 97 that will be decommissioned when the Winfield-Oyama bypass is complete.

Enter the District of Lake Country’s contest to name the portion of Highway 97 that will be decommissioned when the Winfield-Oyama bypass is complete.

The new Hwy 97 construction between Winfield and Oyama is more than 50 per cent complete and the road that is currently Hwy 97 will become a local road under the jurisdiction of the District of Lake Country.

The B.C. ministry of transportation has advised the district that highway signage will show “Old Hwy 97” as the formal name unless a road name is provided.

The district is asking for your help to find the perfect name for this special section of road through Lake Country. The name should be something that is memorable, relevant for tourism and help one and all find their way.

Lake Country council will make the final decision on the road name in November.

Road naming is a unique way of recognizing the natural attributes, flora and fauna, wildlife and historical influences of any community. It is important that the historical significance and legacies of individuals and pioneers of the District of Lake Country be acknowledged.

It is also important to recognize the tourism and way-finding implications of road naming for this special section of local road.

Additionally, the proposed names shall be referred to utility agencies, 911 Dispatch, the Regional District of Central Okanagan and neighboring jurisdictions in order to avoid duplication and conflict—standard practice for all road naming in the Okanagan.

Individuals and community groups have already suggested names over the past few years and as it’s been brought forward in the process of updating the district’s road naming policy.

If you would like to support one of the following previously suggested names: Thomas Wood Drive; Lake Country Drive; Lakeside Way; Waterfront Avenue; Kokanee Parkway, or suggest one of your own, vote in the poll at the bottom left of the district’s homepage (

Or suggest another name of your own choosing and email it to the district at Remember to include your name and contact information and the reason why you think the name you’ve suggested should be used.

There will be a prize draw from among all contributors who provide contact information.

The district will publish notices about the naming contest in water utility invoices or check out details of the contest at or

The deadline for contest entries is Oct. 15.