Credit: Turtle Bay Medical Clinic

Credit: Turtle Bay Medical Clinic

More doctors heading for Lake Country

Second wave of new doctors to the Turtle Bay Medical Clinic coming in September

More doctors are making their way to Lake Country.

The Turtle Bay Medical Clinic, which opened in March, will have three new doctors in its facility in September.

“We’re about half full right now, so this will pretty much fill up (the clinic),” said general manager Kiffer Walker.

The clinic will have six full-time doctors with a possible seventh.

“Not all doctors work five days a week so that seventh person will make sure we have that availability,” said Walker. “We want to be open for seven days a week and into the evenings as well,” he said.

The new doctors will also see walk-ins with the clinic taking on another 5 to 6,000 patients.

“That’s our biggest challenge, getting the word out,” said Walker.

The first initial patients have been processed and scheduled, filling up the first doctors pool.

“ A lot of people who are joining us now haven’t had a family doctor in a long time,” said Walker. “There’s still a demand out there.”

At full-capacity, the clinic will have around 10,000 patients.

Lake Country residents take priority, but the clinic also accepts patients from Vernon and Kelowna.

Doctor shortages have been an ongoing issue in B.C.

According to Divisions of Family Practice communications officer Clare O’Callaghan, “Doctors of BC is working together with the B.C. Government and health authorities around strategies to recruit and retain family doctors in the province.

“Through the recruitment strategy of the Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice, 22 family doctors have been recruited to the Central Okanagan area in the last two years and one was a direct recruit to the Lake Country area.”

Email to receive information or to 802-11850 Oceola Rd. to submit an application.