McCoubrey Plateau plan approved by council; Public Hearing Jan. 21

The public will have its say on future plans in the McCuoubrey Plateau area at a public hearing on Jan. 21

A plan to develop nearly 100 hectares of land in Okanagan Centre known as McCoubrey Plateau will go to public hearing after Lake Country council adopted the McCoubrey Plateau area structure plan at a recent council meeting.

The area in question is a unique parcel of land in Okanangan Centre that rises up from Okanagan Lake and is mostly forested but also includes a pond, several flat bench areas as well as numerous rocky outcrops.

Central to the plan is the development up to 2,800 future units however after an earlier public meeting, the possibility of allowing high rise towers in the development has been scratched.

But Lake Country is moving ahead with plans to allow for development on the parcel of land.

“It has a fair bit of development potential,” said Lake Country director of planning Mark Koch. “Council has said that this is an area they want to develop, something that is close to the Town Centre. It’s an area that can accommodate growth for a number of years and its envisioned that it can grow quite extensively over time.”

Council heard that the development will include approximately 12 acres for a mixed use commercial centre which will be integrated with high density residential buildings as well as a senior’s complex and commercial use.

The higher density units are envisioned to occupy the upper benches of the plateau area, surrounded by medium density residential and lower density residential to the west. Centered within the neighborhood is the proposed senior’s complex. The high density will include high density residential buildings (six storey maximum) to accept growth in the distant future.

The project envisions substantial growth, including up to 2,800 future units, not including any commercial space.

The core area itself, which is accessed and serviced by an inner spine road and will be surrounded by a series of neighourhood parks, linear parks, trails system, and open space features to provide for recreation opportunities and to protect the integrity of the natural environment and steep slopes.

Lake Country council was generally supportive of the plan with Coun. Penny Gambell saying the area is very unique and hopefully future development takes into consideration the many natural wonders the area has.

“This is a significant area. There are parts of it that are very important to preserve,” she said. “There is a topography in there that is really unusual and beautiful. It’s a fabulous piece of land.”

“I think it’s very important with such a large area that we not be afraid to engage the public. I think it’s very important that we consider the public before moving forward.”

A public hearing is was scheduled for the regular council meeting on Jan. 21 as the proposal moves through Lake Country municipal hall.