Lake Country will have to help with new BC Transit station

Within five years the DLC will have to help to the tune of $1.5 million

A future improvement to the main hub for B.C. Transit busses that service the Central Okanagan is expected to cost the District of Lake Country about $1.5 million.

District councilors were told they will have to foot the bill for Lake Country’s portion of plans to replace the current location in Kelowna, where busses are stored.

The information was presented to district councilors during a presentation from B.C. Transit.

Council heard that the current warehouse and storage facility that B.C. Transit usesi n Kelowna is going to have to be replaced. It was originally thought that the current facility had a life-span of 10 years left, but B.C. transit is now saying the life span is more likely five years before the building needs to be replace.

B.C. Transit is currently in plans to try to find a suitable location to replace the current one. The expected cost of the entire project is between 39 and 53 million and is expected to be built in Kelowna.