Lake Country moves to ban smoking in parks and on beaches

Council gives two readings to anti smoking bylaw that would limit smoking in public places

Lake Country moves to ban smoking in parks and on beaches

Lake Country is ready to butt out.

Council gave two readings to a bylaw Tuesday that would ban smoking in parks and beaches and within 7.5 metres of public buildings.

“Smoking is a significant health issue and second hand smoke is a significant health issue,” said Coun. Owen Dickie.

“I recognize that smokers have rights but they are a minority and they have to recognize that. It creates a more pleasurable environment for non-smokers.”

The district was urged by the Canadian Cancer Society and the Interior Health Authority to take action against smoking.

“Community awareness will be a part of the launch strategy along with signage throughout the community,” said Holly Flinkman, human resources and safety manager, in a report.

“Once approving the bylaw, there would be a staff component for training and education of this bylaw in order to implement it properly.”

RCMP officers and bylaw enforcement staff would enforce the rules.

“As it will be self-directed and complaint driven, we do not anticipate the requirement for additional resources to implement this bylaw,” said Flinkman.

Mayor James Baker supports the bylaw.

“If you sit at a beach and smoke comes your way, it’s quite obnoxious,” said Baker, a former smoker.

The bylaw could take force this summer.