Lake Country looking for grant for universal metering project

Second year of universal metering to target residential homes this year

The District of Lake Country hopes to tap into funding that encourages water conservation.

Council will seek a federal/provincial grant for its $1.2 million universal metering project in 2016.

“If we can get funding, we can get it (project) done more quickly and get everyone on meters,” said Mayor James Baker.

The goal is that by retrofitting existing residences with meters, customers can determine how much water they are using and the community can reduce consumption.

“It’s part of our master water plan,” said Baker of meters.

Council has also adopted a policy that calls for the district to cover the cost of a water meter pit on existing properties to a maximum value of $1,000 per property. Pits are usually at the property line and contain a meter that cannot be installed on the home.

The district will also charge an annual $3,200 fee to property owners who refuse to have a water meter installed.

“As well, it was agreed that anyone not wanting a remote read or radio wave meter can have an outdoor read with an additional reading charge of $10 a month,” said Coun. Owen Dickie.