Lake Country council denies application for new gravel pit

With many gravel pits already in operation, council turns down request for another one

Lake Country council turned down a request for a new gravel pit on Old Mission Road in Oyama at its regular meeting on Tuesday night.

The proposed pit, known as the Witzke pit, was turned down unanimously by council after several members of the public spoke against the proposal.

Coun. Penny Gambell said there are already too many gravel pits in operation in Lake Country.

“I’m not prepared to say yes to another gravel pit until I see reclamation on the other ones and I haven’t seen it,” she said, echoing statements from other councilors.

Among the concerns raised was the lack of reclamation on several other gravel pits in the area, as well as dust and aesthetic concerns.

The pit was to be located close to several other pits on Old Mission Road in Oyama, near the new highway 97 that recently opened.