-Image: Dynamic Exposures by KAT

-Image: Dynamic Exposures by KAT

Kelowna photographer captures spirit of Riverdale

Katrina Hiebert saw the opportunity to do something novel and unique.

By Matthew Abrey

The original Archie comics have been a staple in pop culture for decades, and with the new CW/Netflix TV series, Riverdale, breeding a new generation of fans, local photographer Katrina Hiebert saw the opportunity to do something novel and unique.

“I was just another Riverdale fan,” says Hiebert. “And through watching the show, I thought hey, I wonder if there would be any interest in a shoot, but based in Kelowna.”

Hiebert, who runs the photography company, Dynamic Exposures by Kat, put out a call to local Facebook groups to gauge interest in the project, and was immediately overwhelmed with replies from interested candidates.

She then went about her search for potential locations for the retro-themed shoot, which led her to Karrin Morris, owner of the iconic Rutland restaurant, Burger Baron, which boasts a retro, 1950’s-themed dining area, which fit perfectly with Hiebert’s vision.

“I actually talked to a couple of local burger joints before connecting with Karrin, and when I told her my idea she jumped at the chance to host our photoshoot,” says Hiebert.

Hiebert also used other locations around the city, including Quest Martial Arts Academy, Rutland Secondary School and Mission Creek Park, in order to capture the complete essence of the show.

Hiebert added that this was the most difficult shoot she had ever done, taking over two months to complete.

A complete gallery of the shoot is available online at www.facebook.com/pg/DynamicExposuresbyKat/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1083946805086275.

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