Kelowna man catches mysterious chicken killer on camera

Rod Tribiger wanted to find out what was killing his chickens

When Rod Tribiger noticed his chickens were being killed, one by one, he didn’t know what animal was responsible as it left no tracks.

For the last week, the Kelowna resident has lost roughly six out of his 50 chickens.

“I have a trail cam, and that chicken was already dead from the night before, so I thought (the culprit) was going to be back,” Tribiger said.

“The mysterious part would be we would go out in the morning and there’d be half a chicken laying inside the enclosure… there are parts of the top that are open and it’s so big it’s pretty impossible to clean it up, (so) we put a camera in there and we couldn’t find any tracks around so it must have been from the sky somewhere,” he said.

When he reviewed the footage, he found an owl’s reflective eyes staring back at him.

“I think it was terrorizing the flock,” he said. “We just have to put them in at night. Every once in a while there would be one or two that would like to sit out in the cool at night and those are the ones getting picked off.”

He said you hear these mysteries in the community, so it was interesting to see the culprit caught on camera.

Tribiger will now be keeping his chickens inside at night.

“That’s how it goes, out in the country,” he said.


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