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Kelowna Fire Department finds bargain on new fire engine

The city was able to pick up a demo unit for $650,000
Kelowna Fire Department Hall #1 on Enterprise Avenue. (Steven Lin)

Not a fire sale, but still a good deal on a new engine for the Kelowna Fire Department (KFD).

The city was able to pick up a new demo unit, which has not been used in service, from Commercial Emergency Equipment for $650,000.

It will replace an engine currently in use in east Kelowna. That truck was set to be replaced in 2024 with an estimated cost of $697,000.

Deputy Fire Chief Dwight Seymour told council that significant cost increases and lag time in acquiring equipment (24-36 months) prompted the purchase.

“Pricing for fire vehicles has been increasing steadily over the past two years due to supply chain issues and inflationary pressures making the purchase of an engine, within budget, in 2024 an increasing uncertainty.”

The new engine will be paid for through a fire equipment replacement reserve and was approved by council at its Monday (July 24) meeting.

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