Entrepreneur looks to disrupt ‘dinosaur’ building sector

Entrepreneur looks to disrupt ‘dinosaur’ building sector

Kelowna-based technology company says net-zero homes are the way of the future

Imagine a home that can produce all of its own energy, and even has enough left over to power an electric car or collect a dividend cheque from their utility provider.

A Kelowna company says it’s designing and building homes in that fashion today, working out of Accelerate Okanagan.

Brett Sichello Design has recently incorporated to Nido Design Inc., a re-branding that is part of the firm’s evolution in its attempt to revolutionize the construction sector.

A net-zero home (Passive House) is described as a building that requires so little energy that a small solar panel array can produce all the energy it needs.

“The building sector is a dinosaur stuck in the 70’s and is ripe for innovation,” said Sichello, Nido’s founder and principal. “Our proven approach has an immediate impact on how people live today. Ultimately, we’d like to create communities where people are more socially connected and can live with a drastically lower environmental impact without having to break the bank.”

Nido says it is transitioning to a one stop shop which includes the design, construction of prefabricated building envelopes, on site construction management and ongoing client care after the keys are handed over.

Over the past six months Nido Design Inc. has worked in Accelerate Okanagan’s Venture Acceleration Program, utilizing new technology into their designs.

As part of their company launch, Nido Design will host an information session for the public featuring a Net-Zero Passive House currently under construction in Lake Country and a 30-unit multifamily Passive House building in Merritt. The in-person session will be held at the Okanagan Centre for Innovation on September 20 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Spaces are limited and pre-registration is required at tiny.cc/nido

The company says it can provide up to 75% energy savings with modern design aesthetics.