ELECTION 2014: Candidate Q and A: Rob Geier for Winfield ward

District of Lake Country: Candidate for Winfield ward councillor Rob Geier

1. What are the biggest issues facing Lake Country over the next four years.

•    Diversifying our tax base to apply to our infrastructure

•    Maintaining the accessibility of foreshore for all residents  (continuing with park development)

•    Continuing to develop safe connectivity within our neighborhoods, schools and parks (eg. sidewalks, bike lanes) Sherman Road and Okanagan Center Rd East should be priorities

•    Increasing transit to our neighborhoods and promoting alternate transit options (Beasley Park and Ride) is a good start

•    Increasing awareness for water conservation, supporting the implementation of water metering and encouraging residents to hook up to existing sewer

•    Collaborating for the benefit of the whole of Lake Country with a cohesive vision as a larger community, while respecting the character within each ward

2. What are the biggest issues facing your specific ward? (Winfield)

•    Establishing permanent locations for the Food Assistance Society and the Boys and Girls Club

•    Providing safe pedestrian pathways in and around Peter Greer Elementary (Sherman Road) in order to encourage students and parents to choose other modes of transportation

•    Improving safety along Okanagan Center Road East and Robinson Road for cyclists and pedestrians

•    Continuing to lobby the Ministry of Transportation to realign the Beaver Lake Road intersection

3. How do you think Lake Country should go about attracting business?

•    We have passed a bylaw encouraging developers to build multi-use complexes on Main Street by providing tax incentives to build over 2 stories

•    Streamlining our building approval process to attract developers by partnering with BC One Stop where the business registrations and licenses are combined

•    Keeping our residential and business tax rates low (Lake Country is second to Summerland in the Okanagan)

•    Encouraging special events that will showcase all that Lake Country has to offer  (Arts and Culture, Sporting events, etc.)

•    Promoting the community as a destination

•    Developing Pelmewash Parkway and continuing to lobby the senior governments to secure the CN Rail line for a vital transportation corridor in the future

•    People generally want to live close to where they work so we need to encourage businesses to set up here because of all the amenities Lake Country has to offer

4. Do you support the restructuring that took place in the last municipal term in Lake Country? Why or why not?

•    Transitioning from 7 directors to the current 4 directors may have cost us in the short term however I firmly believe we made the right choice for the long term. We have created a culture in DLC where staff feel they have greater autonomy and are valued for their decision making.

•    The goal is to use the savings from the business system review toward infrastructure development in the near future.

5. Why should voters vote for you over any of the other choices available on the ballot this year?

•    I am an effective communicator, and feel I am also a good listener, having been in the educational profession for 32 years. I am able to keep things in perspective, and to speak calmly and rationally to find common ground while keeping everyone’s interests in mind.

•    I am community minded and I have always given back to the community on multiple levels

•    I care deeply about the youth and would like to attract more young families to the area by providing them with opportunities and amenities that suit young, active, contributing community members

•    I feel we must continue to support our arts and culture and lifestyle by encouraging growth that compliments our unique community.

•    As an original developer of Beasley Park Sports fields many years ago, I have the experience to provide insight into the vision of Pelmewash Parkway and the Rails for Trails, and will work to engage all levels of government to secure grants so this dream becomes a reality

‘Live Work Play’ defines life in Lake Country. I will encourage growth in our community by maintaining affordable living and providing job opportunities by attracting ‘clean’ businesses while providing amenities that are accessible to all our residents and visitors.