The Beez Neez

The Beez Neez

Donation to street dogs the ‘beez neez’

A Kelowna son and grandmother team wanted to do a little something to help the animals that are best friends of those living on the street.

While many social service operations do their best to help those on the streets in this frigid weather, their four-legged family members don’t always get the resources they need.

A local grandmother and son team wanted to do a little something to help the animals that are best friends and companions to those less fortunate.

To do just that, Sean Heddle has been delivering his homemade beeswax product to protect pet’s paws from the ice, snow, road salt and frigid conditions.

“I was speaking with grandma about giving back to the community, we talked about this product helping homeless people with dogs, so we decided to reach out,” said Heddle.

“We delivered at the Kelowna Gospel Mission, Inn from the Cold, as well as people we saw on the street. It has been really good.”

He was able to help dozens of Kelowna’s homeless with beloved dogs and cats living on the street.

Heddle said many services are geared towards humans stuck in the cold, but we should remember their pets are stuck as well.

“The dog is in the same position as their master so we have to keep them in mind.”

Heddle makes his product, Burnt Spoon – the Beez Neez paw wax protector, with the help of his 97-year-old grandma Karin Michelsen – right in her Rutland kitchen.

“The burnt spoon name came via my mom (Cia Fraser) handing me granny’s old wooden spoon with a burn mark in it and saying “here use this one”,” explained Heddle.

The product is a mix of local beeswax, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil and Vitamin E.

“The product is for cold weather, ice and snow so it doesn’t build up between their toes or in their pads. It protects against salt and chemicals. Even heat – it is year-round protection,” said Heddle of his product.

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