Dog licence renewal deadline approaching

Central Okanagan dog owners have until Feb. 29 to renew their dog licence for $20.

  • Feb. 6, 2012 7:00 a.m.

Central Okanagan dog owners have a bonus day to save on their dog licence renewal. That’s because this is a leap year and Feb. 29 is the deadline for 2012 dog licence renewals

After Feb. 29 the licence will cost you an extra $20 late fee.

Central Okanagan Regional District’s Bruce Smith says, “Dog owners can renew their pet licence for $20 if the dog is spayed or neutered, and $60 if it isn’t. Starting March 1, renewals will cost an extra $20.”

Licenses can be renewed at 28 vendor locations across the Central Okanagan including all local government offices and many veterinary clinics and pet stores. A full list of licence locations is available on the back of renewal notices or by visiting

Smith says, “Many renewing dog owners are taking the opportunity to purchase the new permanent dog licence from either the Regional District office (1450 KLO Rd. in Kelowna) or the Regional Dog Pound (860 Weddell Place).  The permanent licence is the only dog tag they’ll have to attach to their pet’s collar and it allows them to pay for future licence renewals online.”

This is a particular benefit for snowbirds who may not be here during licence renewal time.

“Revenue from the sale of licenses helps offset the cost of providing dog control services throughout the entire regional district and keep people, dogs and other animals safe while promoting responsible dog ownership,” Smith says.

“The benefits are very clear. Having a dog tag on your pet’s collar makes it very easy for our dog control officers and pound staff to re-unite stray pets with their owners. It’s often a matter of just a couple of phone calls, so paying the $20 licence fee now is a small price and could save you money.”

Last year almost 65 per cent of the dogs that ended up in the pound were not licensed. That means, before they had their pet returned, those owners had to pay an additional $100 fee, on top of the regular impound and licensing fees.”

Dog owners are reminded that the dog control bylaw only requires the Regional District to hold a dog at the pound for up to 72 hours.

“That’s why we encourage the owners of dogs that unfortunately do get away to contact our dog control staff as quickly as possible so that we can facilitate a happy reunion,” Smith said.