Dog allegedly dumped on Coquihalla

Dog allegedly dumped on Coquihalla

**Warning: Coarse language in the picture below.**

The BC SPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying a person who allegedly dumped a dog on the side of the Coquihalla.

A Facebook post on April 1 asked the public to look out for a red car after the the poster witnessed a dog being left on the side of the highway, just north of Hope. The post got quick attention online before it was shown to the SPCA.

“The post was forwarded to us after we received a few calls from individuals who were concerned after seeing the post,” explained Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer Marcie Moriarty.

“We opened up an investigation and we have looked for the initial witness to come forward, but they haven’t yet.”

The initial Facebook post read, “To the assh*** in the red car license plate HOS 771 near Hope I seen (sic) what you did. This guy was pulled over by the fast lane on the highway where I watched him leave his dog…”

The poster apparently tore off after the driver to get a license-plate number before turning around to rescue the dog. The dog could not be located.

Moriarty says the SPCA has checked into the provided plate number in the post, with the help of the RCMP, but met a dead end.

“We traced the license-plate number provided and unfortunately that license-plate number does not exist,” said Moriarty.

“If anybody does have new information with respect to that vehicle, the owner and whoever it is that allegedly did this – absolutely contact our call centre.”

Moriarty says the SPCA is taking the accusations seriously, but given the incorrect plate number they are not confident in the information in the original post.

If, however, the story is found to be factual and the driver of the red car is identified, they are facing criminal charges.

“Abandoning an animal in distress is both a Criminal Code and a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act offence,” said Moriarty.

“If charged and convicted that individual could face anywhere up to a lifetime ban on owning animals, fines and even jail time.”

As for the dog, according to several social media posts the dog itself was reported missing after it was stolen from a home in the Chilliwack area. Facebook posts indicate the dog was found and reunited with its owner, but this has not been confirmed by the BC SPCA.

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Dog allegedly dumped on Coquihalla