Don Erdely

Don Erdely

District rolls out I AM Lake Country campaign

Designed to find out more about Lake Country residents, Lake Country looking for answers to three questions

The District of Lake Country has kicked off a campaign to reach out to its residents to find out more about the people who live in the community and how they want to improve the district.

Called I AM Lake Country, the campaign is asking residents to make a 30-second video clip answering three questions, including what would make Lake Country even better.

“We have so much going for us: A strong pioneer and agricultural identity, a growing wine industry, fantastic neighborhoods, amazing lakes, well-maintained walking trails, and hard-working volunteers along with many newcomers that have brought a unique energy and perspective on what they love about our area,” said Lake Country mayor James Baker.

Baker added, with Lake Country’s fast growth rate and one of the lowest residential property tax rates in the Okanagan, the scenic community wants to reach out to old and new residents alike to engage in a conversation on what people love about their community.

The I AM Lake Country project is being called an organic attempt by the municipality and local businesses to meaningfully reach out to residents and ask them three key questions:

1. What do you do with your time in Lake Country?

2. What things would make Lake Country even better?

3. What do you love most about Lake Country?

Residents are asked to record their video clip answering the key questions and to venture onto Lake Country’s Facebook page so that they can have the conversation about what residents feel makes Lake Country so special.

“The idea is loosely based on the successful I AM Canadian campaign, with it being hoped that we may better plan for the future of the community by knowing what people value most about their community,” said Mark Koch, Lake Country’s director of planning and development.

The local business community has stepped up to get involved in the conversation with residents as well. The developer of the LakeStone and The Lakes neighborhoods is providing the main prize, while other partners include the Lake Country Chamber of Commerce, Gray Monk winery and SECA Marine.

To be entered in the draw to win a kayak or other great prizes, people are asked to record their video clip during the month of June, nominate friends to do the same and end their recording with: “I am …(say their name)… and I AM Lake Country!”