Dickie: Oyama public meeting this Thursday

A public meeting will be held Oct. 24, at the Oyama Community Hall.

Lake Country councillor Owen Dickie is hosting a public meeting tomorrow, Oct. 24, at the Oyama Community Hall for an informal discussion on issues surrounding the ward of Oyama as well as the community of Lake Country.

It’s one of two public meetings help each year in Oyama as Dickie meets with the public to get feedback and hear concerns.

“When I ran for election, I promised that I would keep people informed of my activities,” said Dickie. “I also assured them that I would hold regular public meetings, that I would listen to what people were saying and try to consider all points of view when deciding how to vote on issues.”

Topics up for discussion will be recent issues, why he decided to vote the way he did, as well as issues that may be coming up in the future.

“I use it as an opportunity to take the pulse of the community and get a feel if I am on track with my constituents’ wishes,” he said. “What I hope to accomplish with these meetings is to be as open as I can and provide the best representation possible for all Oyama residents.”

The meeting is set for Thursday, Oct. 24, upstairs in the Oyama Community Hall of Trask Road.