Could the West Kelowna Warriors stay?

A sticky solution to for the loss of the West Kelowna Warriors

West Kelowna City council asked to approve Warrior friendly decals

West Kelowna City council asked to approve Warrior friendly decals

A group of business owners in West Kelowna are hoping a sticky show of support will help the city keep their junior A hockey team.

Bob Kusch, West Kelowna’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Manager, has submitted a report, that reccomends council approve the application of “Home of the 2016 RBC Cup Champions” decals on all City vehicles should the West Kelowna Warriors remain, as per a request.

“A group of local businessmen are putting together a plan to purchase the West Kelowna Warriors to permit the team to remain in West Kelowna,” reads Kusch’s report, which will be heard at the Feb. 14 meeting.

“As part of their initiative they are seeking support from the City to express pride and support for the franchise and recognize the teams’ achievements.”

The new proposed ownership group believes, that by doing so, the City would assist in their efforts to increase the fan base.

Kusch goes on to say that City staff consulted with legal counsel and received an opinion that, as long as the wording is not advertising but rather a form of showing pride in the teams accomplishments, this wording could be placed on the vehicles.

The estimated cost to supply and install the wording would be $35.30 per vehicle plus taxes. To install on all 70 City vehicles the total cost would be $2,471.00 plus taxes.

Funding for this initiative would come from the CAO’s contingency account.

It was in mid-January when news that the team would be on the move was released.