Collective agreement between Lake Country CUPE ratified

Union representing district workers and Lake Country ratify agreement providing 8.5 per cent increase over five years

The Collective Agreement between the District of Lake Country and CUPE Local 338 was ratified Wednesday evening after union members voted 92 per cent in favour of the conditions within the Agreement.

Rod McDonald, CUPE 338 Lake Country Unit Chair, noted the results of the vote indicate the membership are on board with the Agreement and pleased that it falls in line with other municipal agreements in the area.

“CUPE 338 Lake Country, on behalf of the employees of the District of Lake Country, has ratified an agreement with the District of Lake Country. The agreement allows the District to continue to supply exceptional service to the people of Lake Country while keeping in mind the costs to the taxpayer,” said Rod McDonald. “The District and the Union have been working towards a culture of teamwork and cooperation, and this contract shows the commitment to that culture by both parties.”

The term of the Agreement is five years, effective January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2019.  The 55 District employees who are covered by the Collective Agreement will see incremental wage increases, which total 8.5 per cent, distributed through the five-year term.  The two per cent increase for 2015 will be retroactive to January 1st.

“This Agreement provides a good balance between the need for fair compensation for the CUPE members and their families and the need for the public to have certainty and long-term control of service-delivery costs to the Lake Country community,” said Mayor James Baker.  “Mayor and Council appreciate the effort and collaborative good will that was shown by both the District administration and CUPE members to achieve this Agreement.”

While many of the changes to the Collective Agreement were housekeeping or language changes, one of the highlights noted by the CUPE 338 Unit Chair was the inclusion of Family Responsibility Leave paid as sick leave  for an unforeseen family responsibility that requires the employee to be absent from work to provide for the direct needs of an immediate family member.

The District of Lake Country says the district and its union staff have a strong relationship with mutual trust and respect. As a result of ongoing communications leading up to negotiations, a cost-effective and mutually favourable Agreement was developed to support the needs of both parties.