Capital News file. (Image Credit: Kathy Michaels)

Capital News file. (Image Credit: Kathy Michaels)

Chamber members clearly opposed tax changes

Kelowna business community lobbying for changes to proposed federal tax amendments

Not surprisingly members of the Kelowna Chamber are overwhelmingly opposed to the federal government’s proposed tax policy changes.

The findings flow from a recently conducted poll of chamber members and the results fell into line with those of many small businesses surveyed nationally since the July government announcement.

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Across the board, 86 per cent of respondents said they were aware of the proposal and 81 per cent thought they would be negatively impacted by the proposed changes. According to the chamber, Kelowna member businesses expressed dismay, anger, concern and heartfelt requests for the feds to extend the consultation period on the proposed changes, and allow small businesses, farmers, incorporated professionals, and other affected business people a chance to tell their stories.

“We have been extremely active in the last month trying to ensure the voice of local businesses are heard at the national level but we didn’t want to miss an opportunity to engage and listen to the specific concerns of our members,” said Dan Rogers, Kelowna Chamber executive director.

Here are a few comments the Chamber released publicly:

“My husband’s small business employs 50 young adults in our community, who have young families and depend on their employment with his small business.”

“The impact on my business will be huge; it is my only source of income; I take a huge amount of risk with my business.”

“There are all kinds of extra burdens when you carry on a small business. Start-up costs, long hours, significant risks and uncertainty. When a person invests in a small business, often the entire family’s assets are at risk.”

The chamber says it is working with other chambers across the country to ensur small businesses hear about the issue and react in advance of the Oct. 2 consultation deadline.