Kelowna cover

Kelowna cover

Cap News Throwback Thursday: 1936

After 86 years of service, we wanted to utilize our amazing treasure trove of Kelowna history and share it with you.

Over the last 86 years the Kelowna Capital News has served the Central Okanagan – and over the last 86 years it has printed a whole lot of papers.

A conservative estimate puts it at about 8,000 editions.

The new Black Press Okanagan digital team, based right here in Kelowna, wanted to utilize this amazing treasure trove of our history and share it with you.

Each Thursday we will present Cap News Throwback Thursday for a fun little peak into the past, and a chance for the digital team to climb through the records room.

Today we present the Wednesday Jan. 8, 1936 edition of the Kelowna Capital News.

A haircut was a quarter, a pound of cheese was 23 cents, Owen Jones threw his hat in the ring to run for mayor and the Cap News top story involved a heated debate over whether or not the community would accept a Union Library.

“Residents of the community are shortly to have the opportunity of saying whether or not they would like to see a Union Library established in the Okanagan, and following the recent demonstration here, there should be very little doubt in their minds as to whether they think one will be worth the approximate amount of $1.25 which such a service is expected to cost them.”

Les Kerry started the Kelowna Capital News in 1930, later taken over by his son-in-law Graham Takoff. Takoff eventually sold the family business in 1993.

The Cap News is now owned by Black Press Community Media. Founded in 1975, Black Press now publishes more than 170 titles in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington state, Hawaii, Ohio and California.

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