Labour shortages cause service cuts in Kelowna ( photo)

Labour shortages cause service cuts in Kelowna ( photo)

BC Transit comments on labour shortages in Kelowna

The vaccine mandate for transit employees coincides with the labour shortage

Following BC Transit’s annoucement of the 15 percent cut of Kelowna services the company is shedding some light on the current labour shortage situation.

“BC Transit has been facing an ongoing labour shortage for several months,” said BC Transit in a press release.

Kelowna’s transit system experienced a loss in employees at the same time as the COVID vaccine became required for all BC Transit Employees.

“The organization would like to thank all those that have supported our vaccination policy which was implemented in alignment with other transportation providers, and with support from the Province and Provincial Health Officer,” stated the press release.

BC Transit is hopeful that the service reductions will only be temporary and are currently running a recruitment campaign at

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