BC Transit Driver Bob

BC Transit Driver Bob

BC Transit celebrates bus-driving Bob

BC Transit produces videos that highlight the good work their drivers do for their passengers.

The wheels on the bus might go round and round, but it’s transit drivers who help get passengers to and from their destinations.

In an effort to thank these individuals for their work on the road, BC Transit is introducing a series of videos highlighting drivers who provide safe rides as well as good customer service.

Bob, a transit driver in Kelowna, is the first of three to be interviewed in the Kelowna series.

Driving for the last six years, Bob tells a story in his video about helping two older women who were having trouble with their motorized scooter on the side of the road.

“I loaded their power cart, and these two little old ladies into the bus safely and took them about three blocks up the road to their home,” said Bob in the video.

His experience helping those women not only put a smile on his face, but it’s drawn the attention of a few others who are remarking on Facebook about Bob’s kind deed.

“Thank you Bob for being such a blessing to others,” said Kelly Smith.

“This is just one of countless stories that I know of, personally, where a transit worker has gone out of their way to help another in the community,” added Kristiana Nicole.

While BC Transit says they are overwhelmed with the support for their drivers and positive feedback from the public since the videos began to air.

These interviews and videos are done in the lead up to Transit Driver Appreciation Day on Saturday, March 18.

Watch all of the videos here.