Photo submitted                                 Vernon-based grief recovery specialist Barbel Wray is leading a program in The Grief Recovery Method.

Photo submitted Vernon-based grief recovery specialist Barbel Wray is leading a program in The Grief Recovery Method.

The Grief Recovery Method group is still open to join

Grief recovery specialist Barbel Wray guides the grieving on their journey towards healing

  • Jul. 30, 2017 2:30 a.m.

The Grief Recovery Method brings honest healing to participants.

Barbel Wray, grief recovery specialist, is leading the 10-12 week program where people meet once a week for up to four hours.

“I never want to rush someone who is processing their grief, so I allow extra time for it,” said Wray.

The program works with The Grief Recovery Handbook and starts with the participant doing some homework and returning to the group for discussions on what was learned, what was difficult and if anyone needs help.

Wray said she is always there to help and the rest of the group also provides support.

“I love the program sharing, being a ‘heart with ears,’” she said.

The program is hard work and takes courage, but she has witnessed great things as a participant and leader.

Wray said the Grief Recovery Method goes deeper and wider than anything she has seen.

“It has changed my life,” she said.

The Aug. 1 group still has room for people to join, but the opportunity will close about a week after the starting date.

If summer is too busy for people, Wray is ready and willing to organize more groups in the fall for people of all ages.

The program also reaches out to school and youth groups because unfinished grief affects the lives of the griever and the people around them.

A separate book, When Children Grieve, is available and the program has a process for working with children that gives them a safe place to share their feelings.

In 2003, Wray participated in the program and found it so helpful that she wanted to become a certified Grief Recovery Method specialist.

“It literally has taken weights off my shoulders and helped me to move forward in my own life,” she said.

The program is $240, but Wray finds the grief process important enough to give it free of charge to those who can’t afford it, aside from the $20 cost for the book.

John W. James founded the Grief Recovery Institute and co-wrote the grief recovery books with co-founder Russell Friedman.

James went looking for help with his grief and found nothing, so when he found out specific things that helped him, he started writing some of them down and realized he could help others, too.

If someone is interested in knowing more, they can email Wray at