Being a travel agent means being creative and doing lots of research

Being a travel agent means being creative and current on travel trends.

Melanie Valuck

Being a travel agent means being creative and current on travel trends. But every once in awhile a client comes in with a request that is beyond anything even my imagination could come up with.

It can take a bit of searching, but eventually I will find someone to help my clients achieve their dream.

Take for example, a couple who want to do their honeymoon in South Africa. Seems easy enough. But while they are down there, they also want to cage dive with the great white sharks off the coast and walk amongst the lions, not just see them through binoculars.

OK. Now it is time to get creative!

There are companies that offer all these experiences. The world is changing. The things people want to do with their vacation time are evolving.

Although I am sure we all love being able to fly to a tropical beach and relax for a week, sometimes we want to branch out and try something different, more cultural perhaps, more energetic.

The travel industry is becoming one of: If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at the Poseidon Resort, which is located just off the coast of Fiji.

That’s right—off the coast.

The Poseidon Resort is an underwater resort set amongst the coral reef surrounding the Poseidon Mystery Island where guests will spend five nights before walking to the end of a very long pier and taking a submersible elevator 12 metres (40 feet) down to the sea floor where the underwater portion of the resort lays and they spend their next two nights.

The underwater portion of the resort boasts 24 rooms and one suite, a full library, fitness centre and restaurant. The rooms are 70 per cent made up of 10 centimetre thick clear acrylic, allowing for spectacular sights of individual coral gardens and the ocean beyond.

Fish gladly interact as you feed them easily by pushing a button located on a console in your room. At night you can switch on an external light on your pod and attract other marine life from deeper in the reef.

So, if there is something you have always dreamt of doing but never thought it was possible, think again.

And if you feel like maybe you are lacking in creativity, well just wait. I have so many more ideas for you. Wait until you hear what they are doing in Finland!