Freshco in Vernon. (Google Maps)

Freshco in Vernon. (Google Maps)

LETTER: Thanks to mystery woman who paid for mom’s groceries in Vernon

Morning Star reader extends gratitude to the generosity of a stranger in line at Freshco

My mom is 90 years old and lives in Vernon.

She recently went to get a few groceries and forgot her wallet. The lady in line behind her paid for her groceries, which was around $50 she thinks.

This saved her having to go home and return to the store, on her walker. My family would like to thank this woman. Perhaps you could write it up in your paper? My mom is Doris Taks and the store was the new Sobeys, the old Safeway.

She lives quite close to there in Coldstream.

Good things do still happen amid all this mayhem. I live in North Vancouver but do have three family members in the Vernon area.

Thanks for helping us thank this kind lady!

Colleen Dawson