The Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon installed on Stave Lake Street and Best Avenue will be operational in the next several weeks. District of Mission photo.

LETTER: put a flashing crosswalk in at hospital hill

Busy intersection at Vernon hospital could be more safe with this addition

In response to Brent Tolmie’s letter:

I definitely agree there is a huge safety issue with the pedestrian crosswalk on Highway 97 at the hospital but I think a good temporary solution would be to put a pedestrian-activated flashing lighted warning system in place, similar to the one three or four blocks up the hill at Jim’s Pizza.

Why that one was installed, and not one at the hospital, is beyond me, but might have been for the cadets in summer.

Whatever, the flashing light system would be a quick, and of course much less expensive solution to a dangerous situation.

If, we can get the provincial highways bureaucrats off their behinds to do something about it!

Randy Szasz