Small Town Stars is being produced by DCD Productions’ Carey Missler and Symps Syrups’ Gerry Jobe. (Contributed)

Small Town Stars is being produced by DCD Productions’ Carey Missler and Symps Syrups’ Gerry Jobe. (Contributed)

TV Show Small Town Stars to feature celebrities helping out Okanagan community

The online TV series focuses on celebrities and the impact they have on helping others

A new television series featuring notable celebrities will soon call the Okanagan its home come the new year.

A series by the name of ‘Small Town Stars’ created by Carey Missler and Gerry Jobe is in the works of filming their pilot for a TV show that highlights big-name celebrities helping out those in need in the Okanagan.

The plot for the show is two-fold. The first part of the show is to get to know different celebrities and what they’ve been up to through a sitdown interview in Kelowna. The next part of the show will have the celebrity give back to the community.

“The celebrity will do something positive in the community,” said Missler, producer of Small Town Stars.

“For example, helping out at tent city or helping out a kid with some issues, or whatever the case may be. The whole show is based around positivity. From working in the news industry for so long I thought it would be cool to do something positive because you turn on the news and it’s always this house got broken into, this person got killed.”

Missler said he hopes the TV show will help shine a light on the difference people can make in the world. The massive following celebrities have should help with getting larger issues more attention.

A solid pilot is vital for any TV show to get off the ground and while Missler said he would like to keep the celebrity in the pilot anonymous, he says viewers will be pleasantly surprised to see who the big-name Canadian music artist is.

Small Town Stars’ pilot is being funded through Missler’s company DCD Productions, a content creator for television, corporate and drone work. DCD has won several awards, most recently taking home an award for excellence at an international film festival.

With that said, Missler is still hoping to have more money to work with and is also looking for companies that may be interested in partnering to help with the production of the show.

“We are looking for partners for the show as well if they see value in it and a marketing engine for them.”

The first episode is slated to be shown in the new year on the Small Town Stars website, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram TV.