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Penticton Speedway cancels upcoming race due to heat wave

Action returns to the speedway on Aug. 3
(Photo- Penticton Speedway)

The Penticton Speedway says it will not proceed with its next event, set for July 13, because of an anticipated heat wave.

With temperatures expected to climb above 35 degrees Celsius this weekend, the track announced on Monday, July 8, that its annual Summer Classic will not move ahead.

"Unfortunately, concerns from competitors that the heat this past weekend has taken its toll on many of the cars, and the forecasted heat wave this weekend will compound the issue," the speedway said on social media, referring to the daytime highs last weekend that flirted with marks close to 40 C.

The Summer Classic was supposed to feature hit-to-pass trailer racing, and the King of Hill event, among others.

"We have decided to give the teams an opportunity to get their cars back in race shape in preparation for the Gordy Mannes (Feedway 500) weekend on Aug. 3 and 4," the speedway added.

Those who already purchased tickets for this weekend's race will have them honoured and redeemed during the early-August event.

People with tickets can also receive a complete refund, according to the track.


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