The Lake Country Art Gallery starts the new year off with a members' exhibition Jan. 9-Feb. 20 called Made by Hand. (Pippa Dean-Veerman art)

Lake Country gallery puts handmade art on display

Made by Hand exhibition opens Jan. 9

Artisan is defined only as someone who makes things with his or her hands.

“That’s all. Therefore, by that definition, pretty much all artists are artisans. However, not all artisans are artists,” Lake Country Art Gallery curator Wanda Lock said.

However they are defined, the work of the creative minds of gallery members is on display Jan. 9 to Feb. 20.

The exhibit, called Made by Hand, brings together local artists with diverse practices including printmaking, clay, textiles, woodwork, mixed media and basketmaking.

“There have never been clear lines drawn between artist and artisan,” Lock said. “And this debate always makes good dinner conversation and a good subject for this year’s members’ exhibition.”

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