Your Kelowna - Jennifer Schell

Your Kelowna – Jennifer Schell

Find out what people in your community love about Kelowna

The Kelowna Capital News is looking to hear more from our community members and is interested in finding out what they love about Kelowna.

We are profiling different residents for our community section, by asking them to answer a list of questions about Kelowna and why they think it is so great.

This week we are profiling Jennifer Schell, a local writer.

Schell is a multi generational farmer’s daughter born at Kelowna General Hospital and raised on an orchard in East Kelowna. I am a food and wine writer and author of three award winning cookbooks- The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker. And, she has just started a new book, a B.C. Winery Cookbook.

The local resident also is the co-producer of the Garagiste North Small Producers Wine Festival that features wineries making under 2000 cases.

“It is a really fun event featuring the hard to find new rock star wines in B.C. and provides a taste of the amazing future of wine country,” said Schell.

Check out what Schell loves about her hometown Kelowna.

When someone says ‘Kelowna’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Orchards and vines- and a big gorgeous lake

If you could change or improve one thing about your community what would it be?

We need to focus on helping the homeless community. At this stage the size of this community is totally fixable. We need to stop ignoring this problem and also realize the mental health issues that are at the core of these people in desperate need of compassion and understanding.

What’s your favourite local company?

I am a serious locavore and love and support all local businesses

What are the top three places you would recommend that tourists visit when they are in Kelowna?

So many to choose from but I think visitors must experience: a winery lunch, time on or beside our beautiful Okanagan Lake and a visit to the farmers market to see the glorious bounty we grow and create here

What do you see for the community in 20 years?

I am enjoying watching the downtown area develop a real urban culture. I love that we have seen a migration of younger people and families over the last couple of years and that our University is growing. So I’m 20 years I see a thriving little city- not to big – just big enough to offer career opportunities for our youth to stay.

An international food and wine destination (we are already on the map) with more schools and programs supporting and celebrating the industry.

We are looking to profile as many community members as possible. If you would like to be profiled or if you would like to nominate someone please click on this link and fill out the questionnaire.

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