Stupid or science fiction

After reading some of the lame-brained motions presented in the Senate and House of Commons I decided I needed to see how many easy synonyms there are for stupid.

After reading some of the lame-brained motions presented in the Senate and House of Commons I decided I needed to see how many easy synonyms there are for stupid.

An online thesaurus gave me the following hints:

stupid (vs. smart)

dopy, dopey, foolish, goosy, gooselike, jerky

blockheaded, boneheaded, fatheaded, loggerheaded, thick

childish, doltish

dense, dim, dull, obtuse, slow



nitwitted, senseless, witless



(also see unintelligent)

I was sitting in the throne room the other day (this is full disclosure) and I grabbed a couple of community papers from back East to read. There before me were a couple of stories that began my thesaurus research.

We have before our Senate a bill S-204 that would make parents criminals for spanking or slapping their child in the butt. Am I kidding you? No I am not.

Senator Hervieux-Payette has introduced a bill which would amend our criminal code so that parents could be fined or jailed for spanking their kids. Last I heard, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that it’s okay to slap your kid on the rear, but these social tinkerers never seem to quit.

You can be sure the good Senator and her gang have given all kinds of polemic speeches to justify their efforts, but I bet they didn’t ask you the parent.

Next I read about bill S-220, a bill to amend our official languages act. This bill takes the principle of official languages to an almost bizarre level. Senator Maria Chaput who proposed the bill, talks about the right of service in French for those persons who feel culturally insecure even if they are bilingual.

I admit I am a supporter of Canada’s two official languages and while I am not bilingual I accept without question the French language. But, how far do we go just because a person feels culturally insecure?

Back in 2007, Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne was banned from sitting in the Senate because he is facing fraud and breach of trust charges. The latest revelation is that Mr. Lavigne spent $30,000 in taxpayers money between September 1 and November 30, 2010 for expenses while being banned from sitting.

This whole story is carried in the National Post, but I have to ask; why isn’t the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff policing his own people. Shouldn’t the man be keeping his eye on how we are being fleeced

We cannot of course discuss the charges against Mr. Lavigne because they are before the courts. That does not prohibit us from being angry when we are charged as taxpayers with expenses, which in my opinion should not have been incurred.

It bothers me when I read about our highly paid unelected Senators wasting time and money on ideas best left for the social utopian models described in science fiction stories. The elitist fads proposed by some of these characters are bizarre, but they are also dangerous to folks who want our country to be governed with norms and standards that are based on common sense and reason.

I really wanted to call these bills and some of the behavior in the senate “just plain stupid,” but it didn’t appear to go far enough. So I have a challenge for you the readers. Pick the most appropriate synonym for senate bills, S220 and S204. Tag your choice and e-mail it to Mr. Ignatieff with a request that he try very hard to rein in his Senate science fiction writers.

I have a hunch we should rent a belfry so some of these characters can sleep up side down with the rest of the bats.