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Okanagan senior shares his love of classic board games

Wilf Pauls travels to schools teaching kids how to play games like crokinole and pitchnut

Kids in the Okanagan have been learning about new games thanks to Wilf Pauls and his initiative ‘The Games Project’.

Pauls travels to schools with various board games to teach students. He was at Mar Jok Elementary on March 12, to play crokinole, pitchnut, sjoelbak, and table hockey.

Pauls is a former teacher and published author of children’s books. He would take games with him to author meet-ups that corresponded with his books and found everyone loved to gather around the table and learn how to play. While on a road trip with his wife, Pauls had the idea of taking the games to the schools and helping kids find some fun away from the screens.

“Let’s have children playing games where their brain really gets engaged, rather than just pressing a button. Pressing a button doesn’t light up your brain.”

The Games Project started in the Shuswap before Pauls and his wife moved to the Okanagan where his six grandchildren live.

Pauls has enough boards to teach all four games to about 60 kids at one time. The kids are split into small groups of four and take turns at each game station.

To conclude the fun, Pauls shares a story with the group of one of his grandsons entering a crokinole tournament as his teammate. Together the pair were able to clinch third place and a small cash prize.

The Games Project isn’t just for kids. Pauls noted that these games don’t discriminate by age and he’s happy to go into senior’s centres and offices to offer a little bit of fun. Those interested in The Games Project can contact

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