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KCR: Rotarians commit to service above self

These columns are contributed by the KCR Community Resources

The last week in the Okanagan has highlighted the community spirit that makes this region extraordinary.

In times of crisis, we have the choice to fall apart or to work together. Clearly, this community is full of people who chose to work together and that is what makes it so rich throughout the year.

Members of Rotary Clubs in the Okanagan are part of a global network of 1.2 million passionate, energetic and intelligent individuals that connect to unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in their communities and within themselves.

This week we highlight one of the nine clubs in the Central Okanagan that meet on different days and in different locations.

Find out more about the individual clubs at, or better yet, come and meet members of three clubs at the Okanagan Volunteer Fair on Sept. 16 at Parkinson Recreation Centre, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Rotarians with the Kelowna Ogopogo, Kelowna Morningside and Kelowna Sunrise clubs will be at the fair, along with 60+ other non-profit organizations, ready to share how their organization works, what opportunities exist for volunteers and how they raise the critical funds that help to sustain so many amazing programs in our communities.

Daryl Brost, the treasurer for the Kelowna Morningside club, shares some of the reasons he is involved.

“Morningside is a small, friendly Rotary Club, with 20 members,” explained Daryl.

“We support community focused organizations and we are small enough that individual efforts can drive a project, but large enough that our contributions are impactful.”

KCR is fortunate to have seen this impact on its programs with Rotary making significant contributions to the Family Hub and KCR programs that address food security and supporting newcomers to the community.

For the past two years, Rotary has also supported the Summer Reading Program, a collaboration between Project Literacy, Childhood Connections and KCR.

“As a member of the club, you will participate in fundraising efforts, funding distributions and club volunteer and social events,” continued Daryl.

“There is variation in the tasks we take on so everyone can help in some way.

“Our volunteer outings are very informal social events. There is a chance to meet new people, do some good community work and end with a good sense of accomplishment because the task has been completed.”

For Daryl, being part of an active group where he can help deliver goods and services to service agencies is important. He is committed to the Rotary Club motto of Service Above Self.

“I really enjoy being at the point of delivery from our club to a service agency in Kelowna.

“Whether it is food, funds or manpower, the staff on the receiving end are always incredibly appreciative. There is no better feeling than that,” he explained.

“One of my favourite memories is being part of a group delivering food to an agency. In the reception area there was a big bowl.

“I thought the bowl was full of hard candies. It was actually a three-pack of condoms. It was very funny but it also highlights the serious nature of delivering the services we do, especially helping people at risk.”

If you are curious and want to learn more about the club, you are welcome to join a meeting.

The Morningside Rotary regular meetings start at 7:15 a.m. every Thursday at Deli City Café, 1889 Springfield Rd.

If you are interested in sharing your volunteer or organizational news, please contact Dorothee Birker at

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