The East Meets West Children’s Foundation works globally to improve the lives of children in need. (Contributed)

The East Meets West Children’s Foundation works globally to improve the lives of children in need. (Contributed)

East meets West: COVID and fundraising in 2021

From the desk of board chair Mohini Singh

The East Meets West Children’s Foundation became a federally approved charity in 2008.

Since then, each year the foundation has worked hard to better the lives of children in need, locally and globally. This year COVID has certainly impacted how we do things, but as a team, East Meets West has done its best to support those in need.

2021 began with our first donation of $5,000 to The Starbright Child Development Centre in Kelowna. The money went to buy a hydraulic therapeutic bed for little babies who have Flat Head Syndrome or Positional Plagiocephaly.

Having a proper therapy bed makes it easy for the therapist and the parent to work on treating the infant.

Atmashakti Trust an NGO that works with forgotten and ignored Indigenous communities in the province of Odisha received $14,889.

The organization is a lifeline to the people who often don’t have clean drinking water and very limited medical care. East meets West funded thousands of medical kits that were handed out to villagers. Workers went from village to village teaching people how and when to use the medication.

Water borne diseases like cholera and dysentery create a severe health problem and if left untreated it can be fatal and often is.

COVID has truly hurt many people worldwide. The creche EMW supports outside Kolkata has been closed, leaving the pre-school children with no place to go. Families relied on the food at the creche to feed their children

So, we started a food program, we send lunch and snacks home daily. Mothers line up for food for hours. Prior to COVID the 42 children attending the creche got fed and were given snacks at the pre-school. Teaching materials and colouring books are also sent home to keep the children engaged and learning basic skills.

This is also a very poor part of the country and the people desperately need help. In total we have spent $21,400.

COVID has hurt the poor and the vulnerable the most. We had to increase the amount we send to the boys orphanage in Mumbai called family home. Total sent to help with health, education medical reasons $7,000.

We donated $1,000 to the BC Children’s Hospital in support of a fundraiser led by board member Garry Benson.

We supported the Bee family in West Kelowna with medical expenses to help their daughter Mia Bee towards the path of wellness, for a total of $2,000.

We are supporting Spring Valley Middle School in Kelowna to help them meet the divergent needs of their learners. We are hoping our support will help all students navigate their way through the technological world of tomorrow, for a total of $5,000.

This year we are supporting the Rehma project in Kenya. The program teaches young girls about their body parts, what sexual harassment is, emotional and physical changes during puberty, measuring for bra sizes, and keeping themselves clean as they grow up.

This training keeps them healthy and safe from diseases, it teaches them right touch and wrong touch, for a total cost of $5,000.

Finally, with Christmas coming we are adding to brighten children’s Christmas by contributing $500, towards Kelowna Santa’s. The money will go to buy toys for children who may not be fortunate to get presents under the tree.

In all we have spent $61,782.28 in 2021. Every dollar that was donated has gone to help children in need.

We can only do it because of our fantastic supporters who really believe in what we do.

We look forward to hosting a fundraising gala in October 2022 so we can continue serving people in need.

Our simple request is when planning your family’s Christmas donation this year, please think of us. To donate: please visit the East Meets West website


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