Holly is recovering. BC SPCA

Holly is recovering. BC SPCA

Cat abandoned outside Kelowna vet must have leg amputated

The BC SPCA is looking for donations to help with the cat’s surgery

A young cat abandoned overnight outside a Kelowna 24-emergency vet clinic will need to have its leg amputated.

The kitten, named Holly, is hoping for a new leg up on life this holiday season after she was left shivering in the cold while suffering from several ailments.

“Whoever left her could have brought her inside the clinic, but they chose not to,” said Eileen Drever, with the BC SPCA.

Once discovered, the clinic quickly worked to stabilize the cat and warm her up. Holly was anemic, emaciated and her leg was rotting according to Drever.

Sean Hogan, the manager of the BC SPCA in Kelowna, explained that due to the cat being underweight, surgery isn’t possible right now.

“Unfortunately, she will lose her right hind leg,” he said. “Currently, Holly is gaining weight in foster but is unable to bear any weight on her right hind leg.”

Although, she does try and play with her foster family and doesn’t seem to be bothered by her bandaged leg, said Hogan.

“Holly has a lot of spunk and she has shown she is a survivor,” said Hogan. “We continue to see progress and when she can get her amputation and is fully recovered, she will be ready for adoption. She will definitely brighten any home.”

The medical cost to help Holly is expected to be about $3,000. To help Holly or animals like her get the much needed care they deserve please consider donating to spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency.

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