Eve-volve Wellness Nicole and Trevis Lucas opened shop in Vernon in January 2021. (Caitlin Clow - Vernon Morning Star)

Eve-volve Wellness Nicole and Trevis Lucas opened shop in Vernon in January 2021. (Caitlin Clow - Vernon Morning Star)

Terminal diagnosis Eve-volves into Vernon business

Alternative medicine clinic a no-brainer for duo

Starting an alternative medicine clinic may not be what the Lucases expected they’d do, but there was no need for discussion. This was it — their calling.

Eve-volve Wellness opened in January after Nicole and Trevis Lucas moved to Vernon from Cold Lake, Alta., in September. Their program, which is based on five pillars to help unlock optimal health, stems from a personal place.

“We started nine years ago when Trevis’ brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma, a massive tumour in his brain and he was given a short time to live,” Nicole said from the welcoming home clinic.

“We just said no as a family unit. That’s not going to happen,” said the doctor of natural medicine and quantum health coach. “We searched the ends of the earth looking at all types of alternatives.”

Nicole said Tyson, Trevis’ brother, had the right mindset, an amazing attitude and the willingness to give anything a shot.

“We threw everything at him and he’s still alive and in the best shape of his life,” she said, noting both Tyson and his wife are cancer coaches now.

Along the road to wellness, Nicole and Trevis tried many of the same methods Tyson had and noticed benefits as well.

“I had migraines since I was nine… not anymore,” said Trevis, who is now a certified clinical hypnotherapist and neurolinguistics practitioner. “Doctors said I’d have to live with fatty liver disease and now that’s back to normal.”

More and more people approached the Lucases seeking help for their own ailments.

“We quickly realized this (approach) helps almost everything.”

The approach is based on non-invasive strategies of detoxification, optimal nutrition and assimilation, oxygenation, hydration and alkalization and emotional rejuvenation and regeneration.

To get started, Nicole does a live blood analysis. A finger is pricked, blood is collected and examined under a powerful microscope to analyze micro-organisms, red blood cells, immune-fighting white blood cells and other aspects contained in the plasma.

The information gathered from the analysis allows for a more personalized health plan.

Some of the services the Lucases offer include Live O2 Oxygen training — 15-minute training sessions on a stationary bike while breathing 85-plus per cent oxygen. This elevates the oxygen level in plasma which helps reduce inflammation.

“Oxygen training goes after the root cause of people’s issues,” Trevis said. “The root cause usually boils down to inflammation. It starts off as being your friend but quickly turns against you.”

A Far Infrared Sauna, which emits 99 per cent rays, focuses on the micro-circulation system, Trevis said. It’s used to access points the O2 mask can’t. This process helps eliminate toxins and detoxify the body.

They also offer biofeedback sessions, health coaching and hypnotherapy.

For those skeptical of the benefits this work may produce, Trevis says: “Don’t believe a word I say. Do your own research.”

Time and time again, Nicole said the people who have come to their practice are typically those given grim diagnoses from western medicine professionals.

“Not always, but sometimes, lots of times, the hope gets stripped away from them. When anyone walks in — we’ve seen it too many times,” she said. “Terminal doesn’t exist here. If they’re willing to put in the work, there’s always hope.”

For more information, visit Eve-volvewellness.com.

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Eve-volve Wellness Nicole and Trevis Lucas opened shop in Vernon in January 2021. (Caitlin Clow - Vernon Morning Star)