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Kelowna business helps seniors improve health with ‘do it all’ treatment method

Odettes Skincare and Medi Spa offers a different approach to skincare and wellness

Seniors looking to improve their well-being know that the world of health care can be an overwhelming place. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.

Traditional methods of health-care services such as massage therapy may work for some, but others could be looking for an alternative.

A Kelowna-based business is hailing one method as a do-it-all service, which reportedly helps improve a variety of ailments.

Odette’s Skincare and Medi Spa takes a different approach to skincare and wellness, using a process called Enderomologie. Primarily a skincare and face lifting service, Odette’s Skincare and Medi Spa has been helping Kelowna seniors feel healthy while looking great for years.

The Endermologie process uses gentle suction and rollers to aerate tissues, giving patients about a 300 per cent increase in lymphatic drainage, and a 600 per cent increase in blood circulation.

For about 30 years, Endermologie machines have been used in hospitals to treat some diseases, primarily in Europe. It was originally developed to help treat scars and burns, and today is still used in major recovery centres to assist with back pain.

Although the primary use at Odette’s is for face lifting, fat cellulite reduction, injury recovery, lymphatic drainage, water retention, to name a few, Odette Baumgartner believes Endermologie treatments come with a variety of health benefits.

“We’ve had a lot of seniors who have had hip replacements, for example, that is still really stiff, so this helps will mobility, flexibility… it helps with inflammation, it helps with pain,” said Baumgartner, the owner of Odette’s.

What’s more, it’s painless and no-touch. The process doesn’t require anyone to touch you. She hailed it as the world’s only non-invasive medical treatment for fat and cellulite reduction.

“It’s (Endermologie) going to enhance or replace the need for things like shock wave therapy, IMS, acupuncture, massage therapy even,” she said.

Another popular treatment for seniors that Odette’s offers, Baumgartner explained, is a live blood analysis, also known as an ‘internal selfie’. Following this examination, Odette’s can help with dietary changes and changes to daily nutrition intake.

She advised that those who are feeling any kind of ill health, chronic pain, fatigue, or not mobile, simply try Odette’s alternative approach to bettering their health.

“If you come to us, you’re going to be educated so you can make your own decisions,” she said.

She said the world of health care can be an overwhelming place for seniors.

“We see that a lot…older people can be skeptical because they’ve got their kids telling them what to do, their doctor telling them what to do, everybody’s telling them what to do” Baumgartner said.

“So then they come here, and we’re telling them what to do. We simplify everything for them, and then let them make their own decisions.”

To learn more, visit Odettesskincare.com.

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(Contributed, Odette's Skin Care)