Brain injury learning

Brain injury learning

Brain injury learning will be easier after a large donation from Valley First

Valley First and BrainTrust Canada are bringing awareness to the issue of brain injury.

With Valley First’s $10,000 donation, educational materials will be developed to help people with a brain injury learn easier.

“Giving back to our local communities has always been a huge part of who we are as organization. We’re thrilled to partner with BrainTrust to bring awareness to this serious and under-recognized health issue,” said Susan Ewanick, president of Valley First.

Mona Hennenfent, BrainTrust CEO, said brain injury comes with high financial costs to those involved and to the economy. The average lifetime cost for one serious brain injury is conservatively estimated at $4 million.

“Our association strives to bring awareness through education and we are extremely pleased to partner with Valley First on this new program that we believe will reduce injuries and save lives,” said Hennenfent.

BrainTrust Canada has been in the Okanagan for over 30 years on bringing awareness and preventing brain injuries, focusing strongly on youth, who are the highest risk for injury.