Shelly Prosko

Physio: Chronic pain, including back pain, affects every aspect of our society

Eight out of every 10 North Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Physio: Things you should know about exercising during pregnancy

Sometimes fitness during pregnancy is at the expense of the woman's health, or worse—the health their baby.

Take action to solve your problems with headaches

Did you know that migraine headaches alone are estimated to cost the Canadian economy $500 million annually in lost productivity?

Leakage can be treated

About 50% of women who experience incontinence do not even mention it to their physician perhaps because they are too embarrassed

Pain in the jaw

Do you experience pain in your jaw?

Maintain a healthy ride

Whether you are a competitive cyclist or enjoy occasional recreational bicycling, you likely have experienced a few general aches and pains or maybe even some specific injuries that are common to cycling.

Keep balance in your life

A weekly column from Sun City Physiotherapy

Be sure your warm-up helps

 This time of year we see a remarkable influx of muscle strains…

Stress and urge incontinence

It is a fact that almost 50 per cent of all women…


I’m sure many of you have heard of the term ‘bursitis’ or…