Tess Mihell

Physio: ‘Pre-hab’ to make rehab unnecessary

Do some winter ‘pre-hab’ to help prevent the need for spring rehab

Physio: Base of fitness required for safe ski season

All of your strength workouts should have this kind of pattern of warm-up: a circuit of exercises, active cool-down, and stretch.

Physio: Swimmer’s shoulder develops from overuse

It is important to get a correct diagnosis and to assess where the problem lies.

Physio: Avoiding a broken bone is a better idea

There are different classifications of fractured bones, depending on certain characteristics.

Physio: Stretching increases flexibility, reduces stiffness

Overstretching can do harm by causing strain, hypermobility, or even instability.

Physio: Never take a holiday from good posture

While the holidays a wonderful combination of good times, unfortunately for some it can also be a perfect recipe for a sore back.

Physio: Think of splitting wood as a whole body exercise

For many Lake Country residents, it’s time to stoke the wood stove or fireplace to heat the home.

Physio can help when your inner ear sends you spinning

Vertigo, a kind of dizziness that has the sensation of moving, often described as ‘spinning’.

Physio: Water-based exercises: Dive into hydrotherapy rehabilitation

Exercising in the water can have many benefits to the body.

Mihell: Water-based exercises–Dive into hydrotherapy rehab

Buoyancy can assist in unloading sore, or arthritic joints.

Physio: May is National Physiotherapy Month across Canada

Across Canada, during the month of May there will be promotion of the profession of physiotherapy.

Physio: Snowmobiling has its own set of physical aches and pains

Common aches and pains from riding are the low back, neck, shoulder and the occurrence of white-finger syndrome.