Paul Hergott

Hergott: ICBC rate hike reflects continually bad driving habits

Hergott: ICBC rate hike reflects continually bad driving habits

Money talks. ICBC’s ‘worst case scenario’ rate increase of 42 per cent over the next four years is screaming out. Will we listen?

Hergott: ICBC rate hike reflects continually bad driving habits

Hergott: Getting a fair legal shake on potential loss of income

Highly motivated, stoic people who successfully work through their pain are entitled to compensation.

Paul Hergott

Hergott: Attentive driving responsibility should be considered

Is a rear-ender collision always the fault of the rear-ending driver?

Paul Hergott
Paul Hergott

Hergott: Focus your attention on the road when driving a vehicle

There is an endless list of distractions … Consider your dentist having a hands-free phone discussion while drilling on your tooth.

Paul Hergott
Paul Hergott

Hergott: Creep Catcher movement raises mixed feelings

He is reduced to an apologetic, pathetic, broken man, exposed in his sexual aberration as if he was sitting there, naked.

Paul Hergott

Hergott: Insurance rates don’t go up because claimants hire lawyers

Lawyer’s don’t have any special magic that can increase your claim for tangible losses.

Hergott: Lessons learned as physical fitness comes and goes

For me, the 750 metre swim, 20 km bicycle ride and 5 km run are together a goal of marathon proportions.

Hergott: Do you know law around jaywalking?

We discussed the irony of me…seemingly breaking the rules of the road and thereby putting my life in danger.

Hergott: Inattentive driving habits costly

Attentiveness will not be achieved if we are lulled into believing that safe driving means avoiding specific prohibited driving behaviours.

Hergott: No shortcuts for recovery from car crash injuries

A failure to follow through with medical care could result in a reduction of your compensation recovery.

Hergott: Horrendous ‘accidents’ create accountability standards

It was impossible to identify, and hold accountable, the person who created that hazard in the first place.

Hergott: Recording a conversation shines a legal light on the truth

There was some sort of squabble the other day between our two youngest children, who are ages 10 and 12.

Hergott: Presumption of negligence when injured no sure thing

In the “no fault” world of Worksafe BC, a workplace injury is compensable regardless of how it occurs.

Hergott: Fine raised for driving while using electronic device

Why is the latest crash data, reported in ICBC’s February 2016 report, from 2013 [and still] “not yet fully available”?

Hergott: Defining injury claim amount

(For compensation the court will) predict what the future would have been absent the crash.

Hergott: Overlooked aspects of negotiating a civil settlement

By raising your awareness of negotiation tactics, you can protect yourself and others from manipulation.

Columnist regrets negative insights into autobody work

Just like every industry, there are those who are leaders of quality and service and those who are substandard.

Hergott: Fighting the resistance to driver accountability

Headlines should inspire a higher sense of driver responsibility, and with that, a reduction of winter crashes…

Hergott: Auto insurance benefit flying under the radar

Total Temporary Disability provide benefits if you are unable to work as a result of crash injuries. 'Upsell' yourself to 75 per cent.

Hergott: Keeping residential sidewalks safe in winter is up to all of us

Maybe it’s time for our municipalities to start imposing fines for non-compliance. Perhaps a public shaming website…might be effective.