Nick Black

Physio: Tips for healthy cycling

Three principles to build your strength and enjoyment of bicycle riding.

Physio: Know pain or no gain

If you understand why you are experiencing pain…you are more likely to adopt the appropriate behaviour to encourage recovery.

Physio: Thoracic spine pain a common complaint

If you are experiencing pain in your mid or upper back, it is possibly stemming from the thoracic spine.

Physical Therapy: Recovering from whiplash injury

Traffic collisions are the most common cause of painful and frustrating whiplash injuries.

Physio: Carpal tunnel aggravated in our busy lifestyle

Numbness, tingling or shock-like pains in the palm of their hands could be carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physio: Cost of standing on two feet

Osteoarthritis is the most common disease affecting the joints of our body, particularly the hip joint.

Physio: Dust off those shoes to be part of an active, injury-free Lake Country

To me daylight savings means warmer weather and longer days to get outside in this beautiful Lake Country that we are so lucky to live in.

The trigger finger

I find that injuries to our fingers as a result of overuse are often overlooked or ignored.

Muscle strains in young athletes

 Recently I have seen an increased number of younger athletes turning up…

Summer footwear

By Nick BlackHow excited are you about the beautiful sunny weekends we’ve…

Swing into spring

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