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Avoiding widespread long-term poverty

While our standard of living is better than most places on earth, we have no special vaccine that would guarantee our future, even in the short term.

Harper’s challenge

A weekly column from Mel Wilde.

The UN is run by crazy people

A weekly column by Mel Wilde

A great budget…but still not perfect

Two things happened on Monday, June 6 2011. The first, and the event that captured almost every headline, was that the Vancouver Canucks got trounced 8 to 1 by the Boston Bruins. The second event that lost out to the hockey story, was that our government tabled its new budget.

Arab spring or just regime change?

 First, not all demonstrations are revolutions, second, not all revolutions lead to…

Spain: protests just won’t work

 I wonder what our kids would think if there was an unemployment…

Karate, communism and higher learning

 Anarchy can be defined as political confusion or disorder and it’s also…

Pakistan: a failed nation

By Mel WildePakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani blames the United States…

A strategic vision for a great nation

Strategic thinking requires intuition, creativity, studying and what is best described as…

Confessions of a political volunteer

I’m often labeled with the nickname, “The Old Geezer.” That’s partly because…

Lost lessons of history

By Mel WildeEven a quick look at history can provide us with…

International Monetary Fund applauds Canada

On April 10, 2011 the International Monetary Fund reported that Canada’s policy…

JTF2: Canadian commandos

My first memories of Commandos at war was at the end of…

Once again, a nation to be proud of

Canada, our Canada, is once again demonstrating to our allies and to…

If you build it, they will come

They say that plagiarism or stealing someones idea is the highest form…

Connecting the dots

A weekly column from Mel Wilde

The real question

By Mel WildeThe situation in North Africa and across the Arab States…

Coming home

A weekly column from Mel Wilde.

Islands in the sun

Mel Wilde shares his tropical experiences while cruising the high seas.

Letters home

I guess there will always be a part of me that will remain a small boy yearning for adventure on the tropical seas. My mind will never forget how excited I used to get when I read the pages of Treasure Island and dreamed about those pirate ships hiding in secret coves with sandy beaches surrounded by mystical seas.